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Airfield & Dropzone Lighting Cejay Engineering offers the most complete array of solutions to meet the most rigorous airfield and dropzone lighting requirements for both civil and military use.
IR Strobes & Beacons Cejay Engineering is setting the world standard for covert signaling and identification of military, law enforcement, SWAT and homeland security assets with it's product line of signalling beacons.
Cockpit & Personal Lighting Cejay Engineering is the premier manufacturer of LipLight and FingerLight technology for both civil and military use. Our cockpit and personal lighting solutions offer a unique set of features that set us apart in the industry.
Warrior GloTape The Warrior GloTape product line is the most cost-effective and dependable way to combat friendly fire casualties.

The Cejay Engineering Family of Products

Cejay is recognized today as the leading world-wide manufacturer of electronic Combat Identification IR marking beacons which represent an integral part of both US and NATO militaries anti-fratricide (IFF) programs. Cejay is the exclusive manufacture of the Phoenix Electronic Combat ID system. Originally developed in 1984, The Phoenix Jr is fitted to more troops and vehicles than any other combat ID system in the world. Building on that success Cejay has proudly introduced the Pegasus, Athena and Paris series of Combat ID providing unmatched functionality in the field of Electronic Combat ID.

Other well known products include battery driven airfield landing lights and drop zone markers used in covert operations, cockpit illumination tools including Lip Light, Finger Light and Titan light and our GloWand light stick. In recent years Cejay has expanded its research and development efforts to design and manufacture thermal signature recognition products.


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Hero™ Sr.
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Phoenix JR.™ 123 Infrared Beacon
Hero™ Jr.
Lip Light MK3 Standard
Lip Light MK4 Soft Touch
Lip Light MK4 Standard
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Finger Light MK10
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Sales of certain products are restricted to Military and Law Enforcement only via our dealer network or direct sales. If you are Military or Law Enforcement, or are interested in becoming a Military Law Enforcement reseller, please contact us directly for inquires and sales. We look forward to working with you.

Export Notification: Infrared Variants of the described product are regulated by the U.S. State Department in accordance with the guidelines of the International Traffic in Arms Regulation [ITAR] per title 22 code of federal regulations parts 120 - 130. S-Lite, Inc. does not sell this product for export. Any party wishing to export this product must secure the approval of the US State Department prior to shipment.