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SWIR FlexLight-Stick™ 4.6” Inch
SKU: 907524-XXXX

The SWIR FlexLight-Stick™ 4.6” Constant ON provides a marking solution similar to a chemical light sick marking but in the shortwave infrared light spectrum. With its unique flexible end, the SWIR FlexLight-Stick can be folded during storage or use. Unlike traditional chemical sticks, you can turn these ON and OFF. The SWIR FlexLight is also available in a shorter 3.3” Inch model.


Part Numbers: 907524-1050, 907524-1200, 907524-1300, 907524-1450, 907524-1550

The SWIR FlexLight-Stick™ provides a Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) marking capability, deployed in the same way as traditional chemical light sticks but with the advantage of full operator control due to its ability to be switched on and off as required. If used for shorter duration tasks the run time will far exceed the run-time offered from a chemical light stick and always be ready when you need to illuminate and just as importantly go dark, without trying to stuff a chemical light stick back into its foil packaging and stow it deep inside your load out. Traditional chemical light sticks cannot provide SWIR illumination.

Ecologically and budget friendly, The SWIR FlexLight-Stick™ has no field packaging and is far cheaper to run than chemical light sticks as it can be used again and again. The batteries are easily changed in the field.


Weight: 1.0 Ounce | 28 Grams with batteries
Flex Light 4.6: 4.65" x 0.75" x 0.75" | 118mm x 19mm x 19mm
: On/Off Rotate End Cap
Battery: 3 x SR44 Alkaline Batteries (NSN: 6135-99-792-8475) | 3 x A76/303/357 Silver-oxide batteries (NSN:6135-99-651-3240)
Battery Life: 7 Hours +

Product Datasheet: pdf SWIR FlexLight Stick (270 KB)

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