MK4 Liplight Battery Life Table

 Mode  Brightness  Continuous Runtime 
 Spot (1-LED) 100% 14.0 Hrs
 Flood (3-LEDs) 100% 6.0 Hrs
 Spot and Flood (4-LEDs) 100% 5.0Hrs
 Spot (1-LED) 50% 45Hrs
 Flood (3-LEDs) 50% 15Hrs
 Spot and Flood (4-LEDs) 50% 12Hrs

MK4 Liplight Replacement Battery Table

Please use the following Alkaline or Silver-Oxide Batteries in your MK 4 Liplight. Silver-Oxide batteries have a longer shelf-life, but are more expensive.

National Stock Number Commercial Names and Equivalents IEC Name ANSI/NEDA Name
Alkaline NSN:   Alkaline Alkaline
 6135-99-792-8475 SR44,
LR1154 1166A
Silver-Oxide NSN:   Silver-Oxide Silver-Oxide
6135-99-651-3240 A76/S76/EPX76,
1128MP, 208-904, A-76, A613, AG14,AG-14, CA18, CA19, CR44, D76A,G13A, G13-A, GDA76, GP76A, GPA7,GPA75, GPA76, GPS76A, KA, KA76,L1154, L1154C, L1154F, L1154G,L1154H, LR44G, LR44GD, LR44H,MS76H, PX76A, PX675A, RPX675,RW82, SB-F9, V13G
SR1154 1107SO, 1131SOP        

CAUTION: Zinc Air Batteries should not be used in the MK4 Liplight. Zinc Air Batteries require a supply of oxygen to operate. Because of the lights close proximity to the mouth, condensation can develop within the battery compartment, and impede air supply to the batteries potentially impacting operation. Zinc Air Batteries are also not recommended because of their short useful life. These batteries use a sealing tab to keep air out of the cells while in storage. Once this seal is broken, the batteries chemicals are exposed to air and begin to dry out rendering the battery unusable after a few weeks, regardless of use.

Download this Information: pdf MK4 Battery Information Sheet (57 KB) pdf