Cejay in Jane's International Defense Review CSAR Technology Article

Cejay Engineering Pegasus and Paris CID products were highlighted in the December, 2009 issue of Jane's International Defense Review. The article focus was the technology used in Combat Search And Rescues (CSAR) missions. The following is an excerpt from that article.

One such example is the use of lights and lasars to signal incoming CSAR aircraft. Cejay Engineering currently provides US forces with around 500,000 Phoenix Junior IR lighting systems each year and also supplies UK forces.

Designed for combat identification to prevent blue-on-blues, the lights have been designed to be easily recognizable when compared with the muzzle flash of semi-automatic and automatic small arms. "This was first used in Operation 'Desert Storm' and since then has become a regular requirement for US forces," business development manager at Cejay, Steven Bronson, states.

The company's Pegasus 7 and 8 lights can be programmed to flash in a progressive and linear manner to mark out temporary landing zones and helicopter landing sites, which again provide important aids for pick-ups during CSAR missions, especially for fixed-wing aircraft. They also include an irregular flash rate that can be pre-programmed before a mission.

Read the full article here: pdf Janes IDR CSAR article Dec09 (817 KB)