Press Release 4-10CEJAY Engineering announces it’s selection as Warrior GloTape’s new Master Distributor of Infrared Reflective combat ID markers.

CEJAY Engineering of Bonita Springs Florida, is recognized today as the leading world-wide manufacturer of electronic Combat Identification IR marking beacons which represent an integral part of both US and NATO militaries anti-fratricide(IFF) programs. CEJAY Engineering is proud to now offer the Warrior GloTape Infrared Reflective combat ID markers including Flags, Blood Type, Squares, Shims, Arm Bands, & Custom IR Tape to our customer’s.


Excerpt from Tactical Response Magazine - May-June 2010


Download Announcement: pdf Tactical Response Magazine (636 KB)

Excerpt from Law and Order Magazine


Download Announcement: pdf Law and Order Magazine (171 KB)