The Cejay Engineering line of LipLight products is the most versatile in the industry. We offer configurations for all helmet and mic boom configurations. This brief article will help you choose the right LipLight configuration for your specific needs.

Cejay liplights are intended to fit either Flex Booms or Twin Wire Frame Booms.

Twin Wire Frame Boom

The Twin Wire Frame Boom is the most common type of boom configuration utilized by the US military. Most helmet manufactures fit the twin wireframe as standard equipment. Below are illustrations of Twin Wire Frame Boom.


The twin wire frame uses a pivot screw to attach the microphone capsule to the microphone boom. Where a pivot screw is used, Cejay recommends using our integrated bracket lip light design (Part Numbers 904222 or 904223). Below is a picture of the MK4 (Part Number 904223) installed on a twin wire frame using the provided modified pivot screw.

MK4_mounted_on_twin_boomSome flex boom microphones utilize a pivot screw to secure the microphone capsule such as the David Clark, model H10-76, or H10-76XL. Since these headsets utilize a pivot screw, Cejay engineering recommends using our integrated bracket lip light design (Part Numbers 904222 or 904223).



Flex BoomMK4_mounted_on_flex_boom

The Flex Boom is used on all models of Bose Headsets and several of the David Clark civilian headsets. Below are illustrations of a Flex Boom.

For these types of booms, Cejay recommends the MK3 (Part Number 904216) or the MK4 (Part Number 904220). The following picture shows an MK 4 installed on a flex boom.

At Cejay we are committed to making sure that you have the best light for your mission. If you still have uncertainties as to which light is correct for your headset or helmet please contact us directly at or

Please have the following information available

Headset Manufacture:___________________
Model or Part Number:__________________
Microphone Manufacture:________________
Microphone Part Number:________________
Photo of the helmet or headset you are looking to install a liplight on. This will allow us to make the best recommendation for your mission.

Download Selection Guide

pdf Lip Light Selection Guidelines (60 KB)